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Corona Lockdown: Salman Khan not able to reach nephew Abdullah’s funeral, saddened

Salman Khan’s nephew Abdullah Khan has passed away, since which Salman Khan has been quite a diss. In fact, Abdullah Khan died on Monday night due to a heart attack. Salman Khan gave this information on social media. Now, Salman is saddened by his nephew Abdullah’s failure to attend the funeral. He has not been able to attend his funeral due to the Coronavirus lockdown. 

According to the Bombay Times, Salman Khan is with the family at the Panvel farmhouse. He was quarantined with the entire family at the Panvel farmhouse after the lockdown was announced. When the news of his nephew’s death suddenly came, he could not reach his funeral due to the lockdown in the country, due to which he is very sad. Actually, Abdullah has died in Indore. In such a situation, it was not possible for Salman Khan to go there. After all, Salman Khan has a crush on not being able to meet Abdullah.

On Abdullah’s death, Salman Khan’s manager Jordy Patel said Abdullah suffered a heart attack. He also had a lame infection. Salman is in Panvel’s farmhouse, so he cannot travel. He could not go to Indore at Abdullah’s funeral. But Salman would later go to Indore to meet Abdullah’s family. Let me tell you, Salman Khan was very close to Abdullah and there was tremendous bonding between the two.

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