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King of Thailand became self-isolated with 20 sub-wives after booking entire hotel in Germany

While on one hand most of the world is lying in self-isolation, someone is thinking of it as an opportunity to make life more colorful. If there is a self-isolation, in which you can book a luxurious hotel far away from your country and go into self-isolation with your sub-wives (they are included in the king’s harem but they do not have the rights of the wife). This is the condition of the king of Thailand. They self-isolate with their 20 sub-wives in a luxurious and lavish hotel in southern Germany.

Booked the entire hotel: King of Thailand Maha Wazirlongkorn, also known as Rama ‘Dasam’, has booked the entire luxurious Sonnebichal in Bavaria to go to self isolation with his harem. According to the German tabloid report, the 67-year-old Thai king has booked the entire hotel after taking permission from the local district administration. So far it has not been confirmed whether the fourth wife of the Thai king is with him in this isolation. However, the Thai king has sent 119 members of the royal party accompanying him back to Thailand for fear of a Corona infection.

Germany is like a second house: For the Thai King, Germany is like a second house, where he spends most of his time. Please tell that the Thai king has not been seen in public in his native country since February.

The news of the Thai king’s self-isolation comes after reports of the Malaysian king and queen going into self-quarantine. Reportedly, King Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmed Shah and Queen Tunku Azizah Ameenah Maimunha Inskandriha have been placed in self-quarantine after seven members of Malaysia’s palace were found to be corona infected. Although both corona tests have come negative, they have been isolated for 14 days as a precaution. Meanwhile, all the seven infected have been sent to the hospital for treatment. Corona infection has so far been confirmed in Malaysia in 2000 people. Out of which 21 people have died.

People Supporting Lockdown: Over three billion people, more than a third of the world’s population, are now supporting lockdown to help slow the spread of the virus. At the same time, China had imprisoned some 760 million people at home due to the spread of the virus.

Corono has now engulfed many countries of America and Europe. Italy is the worst condition with this infection, where the number of deaths is increasing.

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