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K-pop star gets One year imprisonment for raping and sending video to friends

In South Korea, K-pop star Choi Jong Hoon has been sentenced to one year in prison for blaming his rape victims and sending that footage to his friends.

According to a report by, the 31-year-old star has previously received a five-year sentence for sexually abusing a woman in a drunken state during two parties in 2016, along with singer Jung Joon Young.

FT The former Island Band member photographed his rape victims and shared the illegally taken footage with his friends via digital. Choi Jung Hoon was sentenced on March 27 by the Seoul Central District Corps. 

The sentencing judge said, “He is accused of making a video of a naked woman’s body and sharing it with other people and distributing pornography content, he spread the video very easily, it is very social There is damage. ‘ 

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