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infidelity: Husbands went to Bangkok secretly stuck in corona lockdown, revealed to wives now

new Delhi. The corona virus has caused worldwide outrage. Along with the victims from Corona, now people are also afraid of those who have recently visited Thailand. Because of which discord has arisen in their house. Actually, the Health Department has prepared a travel history of those traveling abroad. On this basis, the department is investigating those people at their home.

In such a situation, the difficulty has increased for those who traveled to Bangkok and Pattaya, telling their wife. According to the news, 42 such people have been caught so far. Who made an excuse to go to Mumbai or Kanyakumari with his wife and went to Thailand. After the Health Department arrives at their house, there is a problem in the house. Explain that for the control of Corona, the administration and health department is doing special monitoring of those returning from abroad. So far, a travel history of 827 people has been prepared in Kanpur. After 14 February, these people went to roam abroad.

This is the case

Half of them also went for a walk outside during Holi holidays. There have been many such cases in which business tour came out of the house, but Thailand’s capital Bangkok, Pattaya and Macau’s travel history came out. Three traders from Birhana Road and General Ganj came out of their house during the Holi to go to Mathura-Vrindavan but traveled to Phuket. As soon as the religious tour was revealed in a romantic tour, discord arose in his house. The resentment of the family is more about their fun than Corona. Something similar is the case with the couple of civil lines. The man, who has crossed the age of 55, spent the evening of 14 February in Bangkok. The businessman by profession came out of his house in Kochi as a business tour. Why did the five-day business tour … His answer to the wife’s question was that he would also visit Kanyakumari.

When his travel history turned out to be Thailand, his wife put him in class. Something similar is the case with two traders associated with the grocery market. Divorce has come to their home because both of them have made two trips to Thailand besides Kazakhstan in three years. Let us know that Kazakhstan is also famous for romantic walks. The curtain also arose from this mystery after the inquiry made for the travel history prepared by the administration. When his passport was checked by the family, all the hidden foreign trips were revealed. Due to them, travel operators have also come under target of the families.

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