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Coronavirus: Cabinet Secretary said – currently no plans to extend lockdown from April 14

Coronavirus Live Updates: The whole world is in the grip of deadly corona virus at this time. The number of corona patients in India has crossed eleven hundred. So far, 1139 coronas have been killed by deadly virus in India. In the last 24 hours, eight people died in India from Corona. In India, two states of Kerala and Maharashtra, the number of people infected with corona has crossed two hundred.

A doctor of the Indian Army and a Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) were confirmed to be infected with the Corona virus on Sunday. Colonel rank doctors are serving in Command Hospital in Kolkata, while JCOs are posted in an army base in Dehradun.

Talking about the statistics around the world, the number of patients infected with the corona virus has crossed seven lakhs and till now more than 33 thousand people have died. The number of people who died of corona in New York of America has reached beyond seven hundred, while the number of infected people has been fifty two thousand.

Talking about the whole of America, one lakh forty thousand people are infected with Corona and two and a half thousand people have died.┬áPresident Trump has said that the death rate will increase rapidly in two weeks.┬áStay tuned for all day long updates related to Corona virus with the state News ….

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