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Opinion : agenda driven fake news on national Television over Corona; Is there a limit they cannt lie beyond!!

Prime time is going on .. Anchor of Zee News is saying that China has gone out safely by spreading the virus in the world .. So statistics are counting that only 8 people have died in the capital of China ..! !

I read somewhere that there are two types of lies,

  1. lies, 2. figures

The first thing is what is the biggest crisis facing the country today? It is only for migrant laborers! But this person is engaged in giving clean chit to the government by doing China-China. So that your attention is diverted from the government’s inefficiency in abusing China. The second thing is the truth of this data. The center of corona disease in China is a city named “Wuhan”. Including the deaths in that city, there have been more than 3500 deaths in China. In addition, more than 85 thousand citizens have been infected with Corona. It has been confirmed.

Understand how Sudhir Chaudhary is misleading you by rotating data.

The second channel is Republic TV .. Its anchor is explaining how someone is provoking migrant laborers. How people are engaged in failing Narendra Modi’s mission. According to this sly anchor, the migrant laborers want to spread the mission of Narendra Modi. According to this useless anchor, migrant laborers are crossing the city on foot on the instigation of a politician not to suffer hunger but to discredit Narendra Modi .. !!

On one side there is Ravish Kumar, there is NDTV, there is BBC, there are other portals which are still putting the problem of migrant laborers before the government and you.

These useless Hinduist anchors belong to no one but only the dogs of their owners .. Are migrant laborers not Hindus ..?
Are migrant laborers studying in JNU ..? Are traitors ..?

-Pradeep Sharma (Dainik samachar)

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