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Palmistry: 15 things can be seen by looking at the lifeline in the palm

Generally three lines are mainly visible in the palm. These three lines are lifeline, brain line and heart line. The line which surrounds the Venus mountain just below the thumb, is called the lifeline. This line starts from the vicinity of Guru Parvat below the index finger and goes towards the end of the palm. A short lifeline indicates a short lifeline and a long lifeline. If the life line is broken then it is inauspicious, but with it any other line running parallel, then its ominous effect can be destroyed.

These are the symptoms of palm in terms of money.

1. It is said in palmistry that long, deep, thin and clean lifeline is auspicious. The cross sign on the lifeline is inauspicious. If the lifeline is auspicious, then the person’s life is long and his health is also good.

2. If there is a slight difference between the brain line (the brain line and the lifeline start from almost the same place) and the lifeline, then the person is independent minded
3. If there is more difference between the brain line and the lifeline then the person One who works without thinking.

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4. If the lifeline is broken in both hands, then the person may have to face untimely deaths. If the life line is broken in one hand and the line is right in the other hand, then it indicates a serious illness.

5. If the lifeline in a person’s hand is connected or made of series or individual pieces, then the person can become weak. Such people also face difficulties in terms of health. This is especially so when the hand is very soft. When the defects of the lifeline go away, then the life of the person becomes normal.

6. If a branch from the lifeline is seen rising towards the Guru Parvat region (the part below the index finger is called Guru Parvat) or if it is found in the Guru Parvat, then it should be understood that a person should have a big post or business. – Business is promoted.

7. If a branch from the lifeline is seen moving along the fate line by getting up towards the Shani mountain area (the area under the middle finger is called Shani mountain), it means that the person has a wealth of wealth. Can get benefits. By the effect of such a line, a person can also get things of comfort.

8. If the life line, heart line and brain line are mixed at the beginning, then the person is surrounded by luck, weak and troubles. (The heart line starts around the index finger and middle finger and goes towards the smallest finger.)

9. If the life line goes downwards after cutting many small lines, then these lines indicate the troubles in the life of the person. If such lines are going upwards then the person gets success.

10. If the lifeline started from Guru Parvat, then the person is very ambitious. These people can go to any extent to fulfill their aspirations.

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11. When the broken lifeline is seen turning inside the Venus mountain, it is an ominous symptom. Such a lifeline suggests that a person may face a major crisis.

12. If the life line is finally divided into two, then the person’s death is far from the place of birth.

13. It protects the person’s life if there is a square sign on the lifeline. In relation to age, along with lifeline, health line, heart line, brain line and other small lines should also be considered.

14. If the lifeline is too short in both hands, then that person can be young. Wherever the lifeline is, the person can suffer from some disease at that age.

15. If the lifeline in a person’s hand reaches the lunar mountain, then the person’s life can become unstable. The lower part of the thumb is called Venus mountain and on the other side of Venus is situated the lunar mountain. If this type of lifeline is in soft hands and the brain line is also sloping, then the person’s nature is stable. These types of people want to work full of courage and excitement.

Keep in mind – It is very important to study the texture and lines of both hands in palmistry. The fruits mentioned here can also be replaced by other palm conditions. For this reason, if you want to make an accurate prediction about a person, then both palms should be studied.

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