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MS Dhoni will retire, just to declare.

Ranchi According to the news, former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who has been out of Team India for a long time, has decided to retire, it is now left to announce him. Let me tell you that Mahendra Singh Dhoni last played for Team India in the semi-finals of One Day World Cup last year in which India faced New Zealand, since then Dhoni has been out of the team.

Now, if the news is to be believed, the former captain has made up his mind to retire and has not given any official information yet. If sources are to be believed, he has not yet spoken to the BCCI about this, but has expressed his views about it to his close friends. When the right time comes, we will announce this. If sources are to be believed, Mahendra Singh Dhoni wants to test his form in IPL otherwise he would have announced his retirement long ago.

At this time there is a cloud of crisis on IPL as well. The IPL has not started due to Corona virus. Not only this, the league is in danger of being canceled In such a situation, it is going to be believed that Dhoni’s return is difficult and now he has the option to retire. Anyway, KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant are present in the current Indian team as wicketkeeper batsmen.

KL Rahul is also good on the field and according to this Mahendra Singh Dhoni does not have a place in the Indian team at all. Not only this, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has already been out of the BCCI’s annual contract and Team India is also not looking at his future in Dhoni. That is why all the paths are closed for Dhoni and his decision to retire The most accurate view has been. Now it remains to be seen how long Dhoni makes his official announcement of retirement.

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