Coronavirus Updates: Heavy crowd in Delhi-Ghazipur area, people were returning to homes, police stopped

Coronavirus LIVE Update: In the country, the case of corona virus is increasing continuously. So far, a total of 902 people have been infected with this dangerous virus. Stay tuned for instant updates about the Corona virus with The State News

All governments are worried about the rapid increase in the number of corona virus patients. They are preparing to face the situation. At the same time, the Indian Railways has made arrangements to create isolation wards inside the train bogies. The middle berth has been removed as well as the steps given to climb up. Changes have also been made in the bathroom, so that patients can be kept isolated there.

Due to lack of transport arrangements between lockdowns, people in Faridabad are forced to go to their villages on foot. Rais told- We will go to Tikamgarh, the girl and mother are ill at home. No vehicle is coming from 6 am. The policemen started beating the stick and said, “Get out of here.”

Amid the lockdown, a large crowd is seen in Delhi Ghazipur area on Saturday. In fact, a large number of people have gathered on the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border. All of them were returning to their respective homes but the policemen have stopped them from getting out.

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