Krishna Shroff shared a video wearing a bikini with his boyfriend amidst Corona’s horror, while brother Tiger commented

Tiger Shroff’s sister Krishna Shroff remains very active on social media. He keeps sharing many photos and videos with his boyfriend Iban. Now recently Krishna has shared a workout video with her boyfriend. While sharing this video, Krishna wrote, Hope you are all in your home and safe. Keep your mind and body happy and healthy.

Krishna has also shared a video of her as well as sharing the video with her boyfriend. In this video, Krishna is wearing a black bikini in which she looks very hot.

Tiger has shared a emitting emoji on this sister’s post.

Explain that both Krishna and Tiger are quite close to each other. The two share a brother-sister relationship as well. The two often have fun with each other. 

Talking about Krishna and Iban, it has been a long time dating both. At the same time, Iban and Tiger Shroff have known each other for 5 years. Iban did not know for a long time that Tiger also had a sister. 

Let me tell you that a few days ago this news had become quite viral that Krishna and Iban got married, but when Krishna was asked about this, he said, ‘This is fun. It was told in many articles that we have got married quietly. Not only this, my mother (Ayesha Shroff) also asked me what was going on.

When asked about the family’s reaction to the relationship of the two, they said, “They don’t interfere much, they believe in my decision.” Family members are involved in such a case, but I want to take my time and just keep these things between us

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