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Complete information about corona virus will be found on WhatsApp, government released number

New Delhi, due to Corona virus, there is a panic environment in the whole world today. There have been 4 deaths due to corona virus in India too.

At the same time, 193 cases have been reported so far. In view of the threat of Corona virus, the central government has created a WhatsApp chatbot on Corona.
The Central Government has named it as the Mayagava Corona Helpdesk.

The WhatsApp number for this is 9013151515. With the help of this WhatsApp number, you can get answers to questions related to corona virus with the help of National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority about Corona virus.

This information has been given on the official Twitter handle of Moy Govindia. In which it has been written by tweeting that you can get information related to corona virus by writing hello on 9013151515.

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