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Bilal Bagh protesters not deterred by Covid-19, say CAA-NPR-NRC more dangerous

“We feel the coronavirus is not so dangerous than these three viruses,” said one protester at Bilal Bagh, referring to the CAA, the NPR and the NRC.

The threat of coronavirus disease Covid-19, now a pandemic, hasn’t deterred women protesting at Bengaluru’s Bilal Bagh. In spite of the government shutdown of schools, colleges, malls, cinema halls and large events, their demonstration goes on as usual.

As of today, they’ve been protesting against the CAA, NPR and NRC for the past 39 days.

“We are not bothered about this coronavirus,” a protester told India Today TV.

“We heard about that and we are taking care by drinking hot water. We are avoiding drinking cold drinks but still we feel the coronavirus is not so dangerous than these three viruses. The government has made us to suffer on the roads.”

Before you proceed, a note of caution: 

Drinking hot water and avoiding cold drinks WILL NOT protect you from an infection. Please follow precautions like social distancing and proper hand and respiratory hygiene. For accurate information on protective measures,

Another protester, a medical student, said that if the protesters sit at home due to Covid-19, they would ultimately be thrown out of the country because of the CAA, the NRC and the NPR.

Medical Education Minister Sudhakar said tackling the outbreak of Covid-19 wasn’t just the duty and responsibility of the government, and that the public should cooperate.

“I will discuss with chief minister and then will take action on it,” he said, referring to the Bilal Bagh protest.

Protesters at Bilal Bagh have put up posters on Covid-19 do’s and don’ts, but the matter ends there.

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