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Coronavirus in 101 countries / Italy has the highest number of 233 deaths in a day , the entire country lockdown; 100 year old defeated Corona in China

Beijing / Rome. Coronavirus spread from Wuhan city of China has spread to 101 countries till Monday. The highest number of deaths in the world was 233 on Sunday in Italy. It has lost 366 lives here due to corona infection. In 24 hours, 1200 new infections were confirmed. The Italian government has locked down 1.5 million people in the country. At the same time, it is gradually being controlled in China. As of Sunday, 3661 deaths were recorded worldwide. There were 1752 new cases and 89 deaths in one day.

The condition of a 100-year-old elderly patient with coronavirus in China has fully recovered. He has been discharged from the hospital. So far, more than 80 thousand cases have been reported in China. About 3000 died. Worldwide, the number of infected patients has reached 1,07,802.

China’s exports fall

Coronavirus has affected China’s business in the last two months. Exports declined by 17.2%. This is the biggest drop since the Trade War from the US during February 2019. China’s imports also decreased by 4%.

More than 500 infected in America, 21 killed

In the US, 21 people have died due to coronavirus. The number of infected reached 500. The Trump government is now considering calling in the military to stop the virus from spreading. Most of those who died were passengers returned from Japan’s Diamond Princess Ship. Those brought to America are currently quarantined (isolated). Medical kits are being transported by helicopter on the Princess Ship off the coast of California.

A patient fully healthy in Pakistan

A new patient has been confirmed in Pakistan. According to Health Minister Zafar Mirza, the number of infected in the country rose to 7. “A coronovirus test has been found positive in a person from Karachi,” he said. All infected are quarantined (isolated). One person has recovered completely, who has been discharged from the hospital. “

60924 people correct, 6041 condition critical

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), so far 60924 infected citizens around the world have been cured. 43217 is still under treatment. In this, 43217 are reported to be serious. 24,724 people have been infected outside China and 563 have died. The Health Commission of China said on Sunday that 1660 people were discharged from the hospital on Saturday. So far, 57,065 citizens have been cured. Hubei province has the highest number of 67707 people infected in China. The city of Wuhan here has been the center of Coronavirus.

Malaysia and Thailand prevent Costa Fortuna cruise from arriving at its port
Malaysia and Thailand have banned Costa Fortuna cruises carrying 2,000 people due to fear of coronaviruses arriving at their ports. It has 64 people from Italy. There is not a single suspect of coronovirus on this ship. On Friday, the Costa Fortuna cruise was not allowed to stop on Phuket Island, Thailand. On Saturday, the ship tried to dock in Penang State, Malaysia, but was stopped. Malaysia’s local leader Fei Boon Po said that Malaysia has decided not to allow all ships to enter its ports. Therefore, Costa Fortuna was also not allowed to come here.

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