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Holi 2020/ Holi and Basantotsav on Tuesday, Spring was brought by Cupid to dissolve the tenacity of Shiva.

After Sati’s demise, Shivji sat down in penance, at that time the tyranny of Tarakasura was increased, this asura was to be killed by Shivaji’s son, then the gods sought help from Kamadeva.

Life Mantra Desk. Holika Dahan will take place on Monday, March 9. Holi will be played the next day on Tuesday, March 10. This day is also a spring festival. According to Pt. Manish Sharma, Jyotishacharya of Ujjain, the effect of spring season starts only after Holi. In relation to this season, it is believed that Kamdev brought the spring season to break the tenacity of Shiva. Know this story…

According to Pt Sharma, it has been told in Shivpuran that in ancient times Sati had sacrificed her body by jumping into the Havan Kund of her father Daksha. After this, Shiva sat in penance indefinitely. At that time, Tarakasura pleased with Brahmaji by doing penance. Tarakasura knew that Shivji is sitting in penance, it is impossible to break his attention, he will not even do another marriage. Pleased with penance, Brahma appeared, then Tarakasura asked for the groom’s death only through Shivaji’s son. Brahmaji said Aastastu.

The gods asked for help from Cupid

With the effect of boon Tarakasura became Ajay, he defeated all the gods, took possession of heaven. Tarakasura’s tyranny was increasing throughout the universe. Unhappy with this, all the gods reached Lord Vishnu, but they too could not slay Tarkasura because of the incarnation of Brahma. At that time the gods sought help from Kamadeva to dissolve Shiva’s penance.

Spring is called the son of Cupid

Kamdev brought spring season to break the tenacity of Shiva. Cold winds prevail in this season, the weather becomes pleasant, new leaves start coming in the trees, yellow flowers start appearing in the mustard field, blossom on mango trees. Because of this beautiful weather, it is called Rituraja. The origin of this season is believed to be due to Cupid, hence it is also called the son of Cupid. In the Gita, Shri Krishna has said that I am the spring in the seasons i.e. this season is considered the best.

Shiva’s attention broken due to pleasant weather and Kamdev’s work arrows

Shiva’s attention was disturbed by the pleasant weather of spring and the working arrows of Cupid. This enraged Shivji and opened his third eye. Which consumed Kamdev standing in front of him. After some time Shivji’s anger subsided and all the gods told about the boon received to Tarakasura. Then Kamadeva’s wife Rati urges Shiva to bring Kamdev alive. Shivji gave a boon to Sati that Kamadeva would be born as Pradyumna, son of Sri Krishna in Dwapara Yuga.

Marriage of Shiva and Parvati

Shivaji and Mata Parvati were married after this incident. After marriage, Karthikeya Swamy was born. Kartikeya killed Tarakasura.

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