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Aditya completes 7 continents in 7 days in World Marathon Challenge, the first Indian to achieve this

  • 168 hours are given to finish the marathon, Aditya finished the marathon in 164 hours.
  • 27 male and 15 female players participated in the marathon, its entry fee was 32 lakhs.

Aditya Raj became the first Indian to complete the World Marathon Challenge. He ran 7 marathons across 7 continents in 7 days. Aditya from Gurgaon started the challenge in Cape Town (The Africa). He finished the last marathon in Miami (US). He ran marathons in Antarctica, Australia, Asia, Europe and South America during the Challenge.

32 players took part in the marathon, with 27 men and 15 women. It takes 168 hours to finish the marathon. Aditya finished the marathon in 164 hours. Entry fees of around Rs 32 lakh are required to participate in the marathon.

Ran in Minus 30 to 36 degree temperatures

  • Aditya said, “This challenge takes place every year and all the big athletes of the world take part in it. This has to be completed in 7 days or 168 hours. I finished in 164 hours. For this, one has to travel all over the world in 7 days, which is very tiring. I am the first Indian to participate in this challenge and have completed it. We started our journey from Cape Town. After finishing there reached Antarctica. The weather was very bad. We had very little time to complete the marathon. “
  • “We started running the marathon at 12 o’clock at night. Everyone’s marathon was over by 7 o’clock in the morning. We all have to wait for the race to finish, because everyone goes to second place together. Minus 30 degrees in Antarctica The temperature was there. The wind was also running at a speed of 50-60 km / h. So it is difficult to even breathe. After that, after traveling for 13 hours we reached Australia. Got there at 11 pm and started running at 12 pm Made. 7 pm went to Dubai the next day after finishing the morning marathon. There too, the race started at 11 pm and the next morning everyone’s marathon was over. A lot of our time wasted due to bad weather, so we felt that we would not be able to complete the challenge in 7 days. Things had become such that complete the marathon, board a flight and reach the next country. There was no time for rest. Dubai then finished the challenge in Madrid, then Brazil and finally Miami. In Brazil, it ran at a temperature of 35-36 degrees at 12 noon. There was over 90% humidity. “

This marathon absolutely breaks the body

Aditya said that this marathon absolutely breaks the body. Body recovery usually takes 3-4 days after completing a marathon. But here we ran a marathon in 14-14 hours. For this challenge, mental strength is more important than physical strength. During the challenge, the body reaches such a level, where the muscles get tight, the cramps start coming, the energy level reaches down. How strong you are mentally and psychologically, it only matters.

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