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Women’s Day 2020: Why Women’s Day is celebrated and what is the story behind it

International Women’s Day, celebrated in honor of women, is celebrated on 8 March. The whole world celebrates this day as a festival.

Women’s Day: It should not be about women and not to mention International Women’s Day. Preparations for celebrating International Women’s Day have started all over the country. International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 March. Let us know the history of what is Women’s Day celebrated.

Reason to celebrate International Women’s Day

The day behind celebrating this day is a day to show respect to women active in various fields. On this day, women who do commendable work are praised and their contribution is discussed. This day is celebrated as a celebration in the country. The United Nations celebrates this day loudly. On this day, there is also a tradition to show respect for women by wearing a purple ribbon.

Women’s Day was first celebrated in New York

New York is the first country in the world where this day was held for the first time. It was celebrated in 1909 as a socialist political event in New York City. After this, in 1917, the Soviet Union declared this day as a national holiday. After this, the tradition of celebrating this day also spread to other countries of the world.

Copenhagen Conference got international status

On the call of the Socialist Party in America, this day was first celebrated on 28 February 1909. Later at the Copenhagen Conference of Socialist International in 1910 it was given international status. Whose purpose at that time was to get women the right to vote. Because at that time in most countries women did not have the right to vote.

When Russian women strike

Russian women started a strike for bread and cloth. This time was in the year 1917. It was a historic strike. When the Tsar left power, the interim government there gave women the right to vote.

So it is celebrated on 8 March

At the time when women got the right to vote in Russia, the Julian calendar was in circulation in Russia and the Gregorian calendar in the rest of the world. There is some difference between these two dates. According to the Julian calendar, the last Sunday of February 1917 was on February 23, while according to the Gregorian calendar, it was March 8 on that day. That is why March 8 started to be celebrated as Women’s Day.

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