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Rashmi Desai’s shocking disclosure on casting couch, said- he added drugs to my drink

The reality show Bigg Boss 13 is over, but all contestants associated with the show remain in the discussion for some reason. It is similar to Rashmi Desai, who made a place in the top 4 contestants in the finale of the show. Rashmi Desai remains in constant discussion even after the show ends. Rashmi Desai’s reason for being in the discussion right now is her personal life. After coming home, Rashmi is also making interesting but surprising revelations. Meanwhile, during an interview, Rashmi Desai told that she survived being a victim of casting couch. Rashmi Desai revealed that when she went for the audition, the person there had tried to add the intoxicating substance to her drink, but she survived and the next day her mother had beaten the person fiercely.

During an interview to Pinkvilla, Rashmi said that when she was going to start her career 13 years ago, she was young and completely from non-film background. She did not know anyone in the film industry. She further says that – I still remember once a person named Suraj told me that if I do not go through the casting couch then I will not get work in the industry. I do not know where he is now. When we first met, he asked me about my preparations and I did not know what he meant. I told him that I do not know what this means and what he is saying. Rashmi further says that he was the first person who tried to take advantage of me and tried to torture me in some way.

Explaining further, Rashmi said, “One day he called me for an audition and I was very excited. I arrived and there was no one there except him. There was no camera and he tried hard to get the drug in my drink. Including make me unconscious, but I kept refusing. He wanted to somehow trick me. I came out somehow after two and a half hours and told my mother everything. After that my mother slapped him.

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