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Andrea Jeremiah made a big statement about bedroom scenes in films, said- ‘Bored with it’

It is often the case in cinematography that as soon as one comes into the discussion in a role, he or she starts getting offers from the character. Recently, a famous actress of South India cinema said such a thing about her character in films which is making headlines. The actress is named Andrea Jeremiah. The actress has reacted to her bold scenes in the interview.

Andrea Jeremiah said these things during an interview with the Filmbeat website. The actress said- ‘I am bored while doing bedroom scenes in films. If I get a good role in a film, then I will reduce my fees too. Andrea appeared in bold scenes in most of the films, due to which now her statement remains a topic of discussion.

Andrea has had 15 years in cinematography. Andrea started her career with Pachaikili Muthucharam. The film was directed by Gautam Vasudev. Andrea is currently busy with Talpati Vijay’s film ‘Master’. She will be seen playing an important character in this film.
‘Master’ film is being directed by Lokesh Kanagraj. He is the same director who made the film ‘Kathy’. The film also stars Malavika Mohan apart from Andrea and Talapati. Apart from this film, Andrea has ‘Vattam’ and Maligai films in her bag. Andrea was involved with theater before appearing in films. Apart from this, many advertisements also appeared. The first advertisement was done in 2006 with actor Siva.

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