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All information related to rail will be available at ‘Rail Drishti’, details of railway income will also be available

Railways have made many changes in their ‘Rail Drishti’ website or mobile app to make it more convenient. With this, all the railway related information is being provided to the passengers in one place. Indian Railways started ‘Rail Drishti’ in 2019 to make its functioning more transparent. In this, passengers can get all railway related information with just one click. Travelers can download this app from the Google Play Store.

You can also watch video of pantry in train here

You can also watch live video of train pantry in Rail Drishti. With this, the passengers get information about the quality of the food. If the quality of food is not right, then if the passenger has any problem, then he can also complain about it here.

All information related to rail available

Here you will be able to get many important information including ticket confirmation information, casulation, reservation, train live conditions and station information. On the online dashboard of Rail Darshan Portal and App, you can get information about the movement of trains, stations, tickets and income from passengers and freight. Information about existing projects and their status is easily available. There are many such links in this app, from where all information can be obtained.

Helpline number ‘139’ has 8 services available in 12 languages

Helpline number 139 works for passenger facilities and complaints in Railways. Since January 1 this year, 8 services are being made available in 12 languages. These include safety and medical emergency, inquiry, catering, general complaint, vigilance, train accident information, status / status of complaint and talking to call center officer. This helpline number is based on the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). Earlier, passengers had to call different numbers for different services.

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