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Sonam kapoor takes on Ali abbas zafar on Mr India remake “No One Bothered To Ask My Father Or Shekhar Kapur”

“I should hope that respect for someone’s work and contribution is still as important to us as a big weekend at the box office,” wrote Sonam Kapoor

New Delhi: 

A few days after filmmaker Ali Abbas Zafar announced the remake of Shekhar Kapur’s 1987 film Mr India, starring Anil Kapoor and the late actress Sridevi, the former actor’s daughter Sonam Kapoor criticised the filmmaker in a strongly-worded post on Instagram. In her post, the Neerja actress stated that she wasn’t aware about the remake of the classic until Ali Abbas Zafar announced the project on social media. Sonam added that neither her father Anil Kapoor, nor the film’s director Shehkhar Kapur were consulted about the film’s remake. “A lot of people have been asking me for the Mr India remake. Honestly, my father didn’t even know that the film was being remade, we found about it through social media when Ali Abbas Zafar tweeted. It’s quite disrespectful and underhanded, if it is true, since no one bothered to ask my father or Shekhar uncle – two people who made a major role in making the film what it was and what it is,” read an excerpt from Sonam Kapoor’s post.

In her post, Sonam wrote that it extremely “sad” and that the film was made with heart and hardwork. She added, “It’s sad because it was a film made with heart and hard work and it is very sentimental to my father. Beyond commerce and announcements, it is a part of his legacy. I should hope that respect for someone’s work and contribution is still as important to us as a big weekend at the box office.”

Read Sonam’s post here:

Meanwhile, filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, who directed the 1987 film, tweeted, “No one has even asked me or mentioned to me about this film called Mr India 2. I can only guess that they using the title to get a big weekend. For they cannot use the characters/story without permission from the original creators of the film.”

Earlier this week, Ali Abbas Zafar announced his association with the project and tweeted,”Excited to partner with Zee Studios for an epic trilogy Mr India! It is a huge responsibility to carry forward an iconic character loved by everyone. Currently, working on the script, no actor has been locked till now. Once we lock the first draft of the script, casting begins.”

In Mr India, Anil Kapoor featured as Arun, a violinist, who was in charge of the orphans living in his beachside bungalow while Sridevi played a news reporter Seema, who had rented a room in Arun’s bungalow. Arun turned into a superhero overnight due to a scientific discovery. Amrish Puri starred in the negative role of Mogambo. The film resonates with today’s generation through its iconic dialogues like “Mogambo Khush Hua” and popular songs like Hawa Hawaii and Kate Nahin Kat Te among others.

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