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Bengaluru: 60-year-old woman bludgeoned to death; police suspect ‘insider job’

  • The assailant attacked the elderly woman with an iron contraption which is primarily meant for crushing arecanut.
  • The unidentified killer tried to drag the deceased woman’s daughter-in-law to a room but she managed to free herself and escaped from the house.
  • Daughter-in law’s version of story is unclear, according to the police and therefore, they haven’t ruled out the possibility of an ‘insider’s job’.

Bengaluru: In a murder case in which the police suspect has been executed by an ‘insider’, a 60-year-old woman was allegedly killed by an unknown man who barged into her house located at Byatarayanapura on the Mysore Road, on Tuesday. The deceased was identified as Rajamma. Her daughter-in-law named Soundarya claimed that the unidentified killer caught her and attempted to drag her to a room, however, she managed to free herself from him and escaped from the house. But later, when she came back, she found Rajamma lying soaked in blood. Reportedly, a necklace of gold was also found missing.

Only daughter-in-law saw assailant

Reportedly, the only person who has seen the assailant is Soundarya. A few years ago, Bommarai, deceased woman’s husband, has passed away and she was staying with her son named Kumar B and his family.  According to a senior police official, the incident happened at around 4 pm on Tuesday. Rajamma’s son Kumar has lodged a complaint with the Byatarayanapura Police Station. In his complaint, he mentioned that his mother was not feeling well. He tried to contact the doctor over the phone. However, the doctor did not respond to his calls, therefore, he went to his clinic located at TR Mill.

Deceased woman’s son did not take calls

According to the New Indian Express, Kumar stated that his wife had called him multiple times but he did not receive her calls because he was riding. Later, he got a call from his landlord Harish who asked him to come home immediately. He rushed back to his house and found his mother lying drenched in blood. Rajamma was rushed to Victoria Hospital. The doctors at the hospital pronounced her ‘brought dead’.

Rajamma killed by iron contraption

Kumar said that his wife told him that a stranger forcefully entered into their house and attempted to pull her into a room. She escaped and rushed to their neighbor named Jayalakshamma for help. When she came back she noticed that Rajamma had been bludgeoned to death by the stranger with an iron contraption which is primarily meant for crushing areca nut. Kumar said after murdering his mother the killer immediately fled from the spot.

Police suspect insider’s job

The police arrived at the crime spot and examined the crime scene. According to an officer who is involved in the investigation of the case, the police are looking at all the angles. They have regarded Soundarya’s version as unclear and therefore, they haven’t ruled out the possibility of an insider’s job. He claimed that the police have gathered some clues and the accused will be arrested soon.

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