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This 31TB Samsung super SSD is now almost affordable

Samsung PM1643 SSD offers a lot of storage at a pretty fair price

It’s been nearly five years since Samsung unveiled its PM1643 SSD range, and in that time, the average price of its highest capacity model (the 30.72TBMZILT30THMLA) has fallen steadily in line with the wider industry.

You can now buy the drive for a mere $8,379 (roughly £6,500) from US-based online retailer Serversupply, after a two percent discount applied at checkout.

At just over $270 per TB, Samsung’s drive is about three times more expensive than entry level, consumer-grade SSDs, making this a very approachable deal.

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But this drive is a different beast altogether; it doesn’t use the usual SATA connector, opting instead for the enterprise-grade SAS interface.

Samsung claims it can reach random read/write speeds of up to 400K/50K IOPS with sequential read/write speeds of 2.1 and 1.7GBps respectively.

Targeted at data centres, it comes with a five-year warranty with a maximum recommended one drive write per day (essentially one petabyte write per month). 

Note, while the drive is the standard width (2.5 inches), it’s far thicker than the usual 9.5mm.

  • You’ll need a cloud backup service to keep all your precious data safe

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