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Had Information about Gulshan Kumar’s murder, but could not save him : Rakesh Maria

Information about Gulshan Kumar’s murder, but could not be saved: Rakesh Maria

Mumbai. Rakesh Maria, the police commissioner of Maharashtra’s capital Mumbai, has claimed in his book about the murder of T series owner Gulshan Kumar. In her book, Maria has said that she had already received information about the murder of Gulshan Kumar. Khabari had already told him, but he could not stop the incident.

In his book, former Commissioner Maria has claimed that Khabari informed him about the murder of Gulshan Kumar. When he asked Khabari who was going to drop the wicket, he got the answer – Abu Salem.

According to Maria, Khabari had said – Salem has made a plan. He will attack Gulshan Kumar near the Shiva temple. Maria asked- Is the news confirmed? In response to this, Khabri said- “Sir, the news is absolutely confirmed, otherwise why would I tell you.” Maria wrote that after getting this information on the phone, he started thinking what to do.

After this, the next day, Maria called Bollywood producer-director Mahesh Bhatt. Bhatt is asked by Maria if he recognizes Gulshan Kumar? The answer was yes. However, Bhatt himself was filled with surprise after receiving Maria’s call on this morning. Bhatt also confirmed to Maria that Gulshan Kumar used to go to the Shiva temple.

Maria said that he had told the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police that he had asked Gulshan Kumar to provide security but on August 12, 1997, Maria received a call that Gulshan Kumar had been murdered. During investigation, it was found that UP Police was handling the security of Gulshan Kumar.

Because of this, Mumbai Police had withdrawn its security. According to Maria, the UP police was guarding Gulshan Kumar with full vigor but when this danger was reduced, vigilance decreased. Taking advantage of this, Gulshan Kumar was killed.

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