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Suicide/ Kannada singer Sushmita kills self due to alleged dowry harassment

Sushmita’s body was found hanging in her Bangalore apartment, and the suicide note revealed that the cause of suicide is dowry harassment

Sushmita, a singer who has rendered her voice to several Kannada movies has committed suicide. She is aged 26. In her suicide note, Sushmita revealed that she has taken this extreme step of ending life due to dowry harassment by her in-laws. The singer was found hanging in her home in Bangalore.

Dowry harassment behind the singer’s suicide

It has been rumored that her husband’s family had continuously tortured her asking for more dowry, and this harassment had mentally affected the singer. Before committing suicide, Sushmita apparently sent a message to her mother and brother detailing the mental agony through which she was going through.

In the suicide note, the singer revealed that her husband’s aunt used to torture her demanding more dowry, and has even ordered her to get out of the house. She also mentioned the names of three people, Sharath, Vaidehi, and Geetha, and alleged that they are responsible for her death. The singer also requested her mother to take care of his brother.

“Mom, forgive me. I am getting the punishment for the mistake which I have done. My husband’s aunt used to torture me. She used to tell me to get out of the house every now and then. Do not leave them. Sharath, Vaidehi and Geetha are directly responsible for my death. However much I pleaded, their hearts and minds did not melt. I did not want to die at their house. Right from the day of marriage, this was going on. I did not share it with anyone. Please cremate or bury me in our native place. Let my brother to my final rites. Do not leave my in-laws. Otherwise, my soul will not get peace. Miss you mom. My brother Sachin is there for you. Look after him nicely. Once again I ask forgiveness from you,” wrote Sushmita on her suicide note, Daiji World reports.

Dowry harassment continues

After the death of Sushmita, parents and relatives of the singer also alleged that her in-laws are the reason behind this suicide. They also revealed that in-laws of Susmita has been demanding more and more dowry recently, and it has mentally affected the singer.

Sushmita is a native of Mandya, and she became active in Sandalwood around five years ago.

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