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Phrases to be used at workplace: Office vocabulary

Here’s a look at the phrases that you should know in order to escape any sort of embarrassment at workplace.

Office vocabulary comes to zero when you actually need it. I mean we all maintain a mind dictionary, but when we want to use it, we do not have words to express our thoughts or plan. Moreover, words play a great role in leaving an impression in our professional space. Therefore, here a look at some necessary list of expressions that you should know.

How to begin a meeting

“Good morning / afternoon”

“Let’s begin”

“I’d like to welcome everyone”

“Since everyone is here, let’s get started”

“I’d like to thank everyone for coming today”

How to interrupt politely

While the meeting is going on and you have something important to bring to the table, then this is how you can do it:

“Sorry, but just to clarify”

“Sorry I didn’t quite hear that, can you say it again?”

“That’s an excellent point [person’s name], what about doing [action point] as well?”

“From our departments perspective, it’s a little more complicated. Let me explain”

You can also use a phrase such as:

“Excuse me for interrupting”

“I’ve never thought about it that way before. How does it affect [this point]”

How to ask questions

There are many different ways to ask questions during the meeting. The following phrases are suitable when asking for someone to repeat what they have said:

“Can you repeat that please?”

“Can you run that by me one more time?”

“Can you repeat that in a simplified way?”

For clarification the following phrases should be used:

“I don’t fully understand what you mean. Could you explain it from a different angle?”

“Could you explain to me how that is going to work?”

“Just to be clear, do you mean this [repeat the explained point in the way you understand it]”

The person leading the meeting or giving the presentation can also ask:

“Are there any more comments?”

“What do you think about this proposal?”

“Are there any areas of this project we are not thinking about?”

Introducing your topic

The presentation should begin by introducing its purpose with phrases such as:

“Thank you for getting here on time. Today we’re here to discuss”

“We’re here to discuss the progress on [name of project] project”

“Due to issues identified in [project name], we’re here to come up with a quick resolution”

How to outline a presentation

“We’re going to run through the main points of the agenda”

“The presentation will cover these [number of points] topics”

Concluding your presentation

“To summarize then, let me just run through what we’ve agreed here”

“Before we end, let me just summarize the three main points”

“To sum up what I’ve presented”

“That brings me to the end of my presentation, thank you for listening”

Answering questions

“Any final thoughts before we close the meeting?”

“If you have further questions or want to discuss any of it in more detail, we can meet privately or you can send me an email [have email address on the final presentation slide]”

“I’d like to thank everyone for sharing their time today and any feedback would be valuable”

“So do we think this is the correct way to proceed?”

“Are there any objections to what I covered?”

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