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Sex : This is how alcohol affects the sex life of women and men

This is how alcohol affects the sex life of women and men

क्या आप जानते हैं सेक्स और शराब का ये कनेक्शन

Impact on men

Both alcohol and sex are topics that are rarely discussed. At the same time, when these two are included in the same topic, then the discussion becomes equal. In such a situation, very few people know that drinking habits have different effects on the sex life of mail and female. If you also do not know about this, then know now.

Elements present in alcohol slow down blood flow which can cause erection problems. In addition, they increase the amount of hormone called angiotensin, which can even cause erectile dysfunction.

Drinking too much alcohol can cause problems of ejaculation delay. Reaching an organism due to alcohol may take up to 30 minutes and it is also difficult to maintain stimulation for such a long time, so in most cases men will not feel satisfied.

According to one study, alcohol consumed in moderate amounts can increase the sexual desire. However, in addition to losing consciousness, sex will also cause trouble in performing sex.

Alcohol affects the ability to think and understand right. In such a situation, many men get involved in unsafe sex or multiple partner sex, which can lead them to STD.

3. सेक्शुअल रिस्क

Impact on women:

The effect of alcohol is visible not only on the mind but also on the body. More drinks make it difficult for women to feel climax. Because of this they can feel less agitated and satiate.

Alcohol may cause difficulty concentrating from blood flow to the sexual pleasure placer. This will make it difficult for Vajina to gain weight, which can lead to sex. At the same time, rough sex can also cause damage to the private part.

Like men, alcohol affects women’s ability to think and understand properly. Due to excess alcohol they can also take sexual risk which can put them not only in STD but also in the risk of uncontrolled pregnancy.

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