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United States in Ahmedabad: 1000 NRIs from USA for Trump’s program, Secret Service for security also arrived

  • US President Donald Trump will reach Ahmedabad on February 24 at 11:55 am, Prime Minister Modi will be welcoming at the airport.
  • From Sabarmati to Motera, Trump and his wife Melania will do a roadshow, about 50 thousand people will be present on the 22 km route.

AHMEDABAD: US President Donald Trump will arrive in Ahmedabad on 24 February. It is considered to be the most discussed visit of any President to India so far. Around 1000 NRIs will be present for the ‘Namaste Trump’ program. They will all return overseas after Trump’s reception. The team of Secret Service of India and America has reached Ahmedabad for security.

One lakh people have been invited to the program of Trump and Modi at Motera Stadium. Special arrangements have been made from Trump’s reception to security. Around 25 thousand soldiers are deployed in security.

5th head of state to visit Ahmedabad in 6 years

  • Donald Trump, who reached Ahmedabad after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister in 2014, will be the 5th President. Before Trump, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have arrived in Ahmedabad.
  • On February 24, at 11:55 am Donald Trump’s special aircraft Airforce-1 will land at Ahmedabad Airport. Prime Minister Modi will welcome him. From there Trump and Modi will go to the Sabarmati Ashram. They will both be there for 25 minutes. Both will arrive at Motera Stadium at 1:15 pm. At 3:30 pm, the two leaders will leave for Delhi.
  • Trump’s Ahmedabad tour will be about 150 minutes. During this time, 65 additional superintendents of police (ACP), 200 inspectors, 800 sub-inspectors and 12 thousand city police personnel will be deployed for their protection. A total of 25 thousand soldiers, including NSG, Central Force, SPG, LRD, SRPF and CRPF will be deployed under their protection.
  • Trump will take road route from the airport to Sabarmati and return to Motera Stadium. Therefore, special security teams will be deployed along with police personnel on the entire route. At the same time, sniper force personnel will be deployed on all the tall buildings.
  • The security aircraft reached Ahmedabad on Sunday with the special security squad of the US President. This team arrived with special safety equipment. The team has reviewed security arrangements in a meeting with local officials. All the security forces will go into alert mode from 19 February.
  • 300 cars with high safety features of Mercedes and BMW have been arranged for US President’s security personnel. These cars will be part of Trump’s security convoy.
  • From Sabarmati Ashram to Motera Stadium, Trump will roadshow with wife Melania. A crowd of about 50 thousand people will be present in the road show. 7 teams have been formed to protect this 22 km roadshow. 10,000 policemen will be deployed on both sides of the road.
  • The security of the Motera Stadium will be with the American Secret Service team. Gujarat Police personnel will be present in the crowd in civil dress. Those going to this mega show will have to go through a 240 metal detector with 120 door frames. The stadium will have a speech by Modi and then Trump.
  • A 30-bed special hospital has been set up at Motera Stadium for their program. An ICU-emergency center has been set up, where blood of the group of President Donald Trump, his wife Melania and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been arranged. At every gate of the stadium (28 parking blocks) there will also be a medical team, which will include a medical officer, pharmacist and health workers.
  • A cleaner will be positioned on an average of 100 meters on a 22-km road-show route. Drinking water will be provided near the stairs inside the stadium. 73 counters have been built for this, two to five sweepers will be present on each counter, so that the dirt does not spread.

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