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Sex problems Faqs : I am married and in love with another married man. We met…

I am married and in love with another married man. We met at dating website. He wants to have a child with me without leaving our families. What should I do?

Question : I am a 42-year-old, married woman and have two children. I met a friend on a dating website and we have now become more than friends. We are in love with each other. He, too, is married with kids. The problem is, he wants to marry me and have sex with me, without either of us leaving our families. He wants us to have a child together and is ready to support me financially, so that I can secure the child’s future. What should I do?

Answer : It would be interesting to know how and where you plan to marry each other without leaving your families. Will that also happen online?

Q: I had sex with my boyfriend in November and we used protection during the act. I got my period on December 19, but I didn’t get it in January, and it’s already two weeks late. Could I be pregnant? Can this be caused by some other reason? Do advise what I should do because I’m really worried.

A : You need to see a gynaecologist to rule out any possibility of a pregnancy, even if you may have had some bleeding.

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