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5 habits you must inculcate if you want to be more productive and efficient

Being productive and efficient will not just help you excel at your workplace but it will also help you excel in life. Here are 5 ways to be more productive and efficient in everyday life.

Whether you are a student or an employee or just a businessman, being productive and efficient is always a plus point and it helps in the long run. We all have a limited amount of time every day but how much work we can deliver in that limited time says a lot about us and our efficiency. If you are always trailing behind your colleagues or classmates and you want to be more productive in your everyday life, then make use of these tips and bring a change in your life.

So without further ado, let’s head straight to the tips.

Tips to be more productive and efficient

Pre-plan your day and allot time for each task

People who are highly efficient, plan their day beforehand and they always allot time for each task. So, we would suggest that you make a separate diary or virtual diary to write down your everyday work plan. Mention all priority tasks in sequence and allot time for each task. And make sure that you follow it, otherwise, it won’t be beneficial.

Keep distractions away

When you are working or studying, distractions can reduce your productivity and it can act as a hindrance in your daily important tasks. So make sure that when you begin work or study, put your phone on silent, switch off the television, keep windows closed and tell everyone who is around you to not to disturb you for a particular amount of time.

Bid adieu to energy vampires

Energy vampires are everywhere and they just suck out energy from us and drain our body of creativity and efficiency. So make sure that you eliminate such people from life, especially if you are working or studying.

Avoid multitasking

Multitasking can be good at times, however, it can also affect your work negatively as a person tends to forget important things while multitasking. So take one task at hand and divert your focus on it.

Follow 90/10 mins ratio

This 90/10 mins formula can help you become more efficient and productive. This formula involves working straight for 90 minutes and then taking a short break of 10 minutes to refuel and recover.

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