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World Radio Day 2020: Today’s radio craze has not reduced, know the importance, history and theme of Radio Day

Today is not just Kiss Day, but today is also a day to which our childhood memories are attached. Today is ‘World Radio Day’. Today the trend of smartphones is there, but the craze for people towards radio has not reduced even today. Come, know the special things related to today.

What is the history of ‘World Radio Day’

The Executive Board of UNESCO recommended the General Conference to announce World Radio Day. In 2011, UNESCO carried out an extensive consultation process and is also proposed by Spain. Project Leader of Accademia EspaƱola de la Radio received support from several stakeholders Occurred, including major international broadcasters and broadcasting unions and associations. In 1946, finally, United Nations Radio Transmits First Call Sign. UNESCO’s 36th Session Announces February 13 to Celebrate as World Radio Day. The United Nations General Assembly formally endorsed UNESCO’s declaration of World Radio Day on 14 January 2013. . In the 67th session of the United Nations General Assembly, a resolution was adopted to declare February 13 as World Radio Day, and similarly on February 13, World Radio Day was observed every year.

What is the importance of this day

The main objective of celebrating World Radio Day is to spread awareness among the public and the media to increase the importance of radio. It provides the decision makers with the setting and providing of information through radio, enhancing networking and providing a kind of international cooperation among broadcasters. Also encourages to do.

What is this year’s theme

The theme of World Radio Day 2020 is ‘Radio and Diversity’. This time’s theme focuses on diversity and multilingualism. There is no doubt that radio is the most accessible media. It can be heard from anywhere in the world. People who do not know how to read and write correctly, get information through radio.

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