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Pratapgarh UP : Honour killing, killed daughter with brothers and lodger missing complaint

A girl’s father became an enemy of her life when she fell in love with a young man in Antu region. He strangled his daughter to death after beating her with sticks. The killers burned her body on the banks of the Say River and threw it into the ash river. To hide the incident, the next day, the accused lodged a missing woman in Antu police station. The police revealed the incident on Wednesday after eight months. The accused father and his two brothers were sent to jail by the police. Police is raiding in search of the fourth accused.

Superintendent of Police Abhishek Singh said that on 15 May 2019, Rajapur Rania, a resident of Nandlal, Rajesh Verma, son of Rampierre Verma, Rajpur Varna, said that my niece Preeti Verma daughter Raju Verma is missing from the house. On this information, the girl started investigating the girl after registering a blossom in Antu police station. Preeti’s family suspects the police through clues found during the investigation. When Antu police strictly questioned the girl’s father and his three uncles in custody, they revealed the fact.

Father Raju Verma said that Preeti was in love with Rahul Verma aka Deepak, the nephew of Phoolchandra Varma of the village. That is why we wanted to get her married somewhere else as soon as possible. Preeti was engaged on 13 May 2019. On this day she went to meet her lover Rahul. When we reached the information, Rahul escaped. We caught Preeti and brought her home She was adamant on marrying Rahul. At this the four brothers started beating him in anger. He was later strangled to death.

The next day, Preeti’s body was burnt by taking it to Singhani Ghat on the banks of the river in Purba village. Preeti’s mobile was also burnt in the same fire and picked up the ashes and threw it into the river. Preeti’s disappearance was lodged at the police station for the purpose of hiding the incident. Police arrested the accused Raju Verma, uncle Jamuna Prasad Verma and Rajesh Verma, accused of killing Preeti and sent them to jail. Another accused is pushing for the arrest of uncle Brijesh Verma.

Preeti with rahul – had married in a temple earlier

Preeti Verma of Rajapur Rania village of Antu police station area, who was a victim of honor killing, married lover Rahul in the temple. People in the family did not realize this. Under the pressure of the family, Preeti may have agreed to an engagement with someone else, but when the matter was calm, both of them were preparing for a court marriage. On the day of the engagement, she went to meet Rahul. His family came to know about it. He had left in search of Rahul, but he escaped seeing Preeti’s family.

The daughter of Raju Verma, a resident of Rajapur Rania in Antu police station area, Preeti, a nephew of Phoolchand, a resident of Singh, loved Singhani police station Sangipur. After knowing about this, family members had beaten him several times earlier. Threatened for not meeting Rahul. Despite this, Preeti and Rahul continued to meet each other secretly. Both of them continued to live and die. Married in the temple a year ago without informing the family members. On the other hand, the householders wanted to marry her elsewhere.

She was engaged on 13 May 2019. The same day Preeti came out of the house to meet Rahul. During the conversation with Rahul, Preeti expressed her displeasure with the family members. She said that she is currently engaged under pressure from family members. Both courts will get married as soon as the matter is calm. Despite the opposition of the family members, both wanted to live together, but the families of both of them were not ready for this. Preity’s family members were not ready for her marriage with Rahul. Many times Rahul’s family was also ridiculed about this. After May 13, Rahul was upset to meet Preeti, but nothing was found out.

Rahul kept searching for Preeti

Even after Preeti’s disappearance, Rahul aka Deepak kept searching for her. Instead of coming to his village, he used to come in kinship in the next village and collect information about him. Even went into his relationship and found out, but had no clue. Due to which his fears started getting stronger. He told the police that he had received information from some people that it was the family members who killed Preeti.

After killing the daughter after out of love, her body did not burn the father’s hand while burning it. After burning the dead body of the daughter together with the brothers, the ashes were thrown into the River. Nobody had any qualms about this. From taking the niece to death and erasing evidence, the three brothers supported their elder brother.

Raju Verma, a resident of Rajapur Rania in Antu police station area, was unhappy about his daughter Preeti’s love. He used to stop the daughter from meeting her lover to meet Rahul. On the day of the engagement, Preeti left the house to meet Rahul. After which Raju and his brothers were furious. After bringing home Preeti beaten with sticks and strangled her to death.

On the second day in the evening, near the Singhani Ghat, his body was burnt. Father Raju did not even reach his hand during this time. Raju’s three brothers were also involved in erasing the evidence after burning the corpse of the niece and throwing it in the river. Everyone loved their honor more than Preeti’s life. After coming home, Tahrir gave the missing person to the police station to escape from the police.

Families were aware, kept silence

The family was aware of Preeti’s murder and burning of the corpse, but everyone kept silence. Women were also silent before men. The women kept crying inside, but they did not even let the neighbors know.

Father and Uncle arrested by Antu police

The story of the incident of killing his own daughter and burning her dead body for the sake of false pride and honor was revealed after the capture of 25 thousand prize crook Ajay Pasi. Police claim that Ajay told that he was in love with Preeti. After his assassination, Antwer police station and father and uncles along with cabinet minister Moti Singh’s relative Sarvesh Somvanshi also came to register missing. He felt that he had made Preeti disappear.

Angry with this, he fired at Sarvesh with the intention of killing him. Along with Ajay, the police have arrested Pawar, a reward of 25 thousand. After the information received after Ajay’s arrest, the police went on adding links. It then revealed the incident. The police sent both the miscreants to jail.

Antu police station area East Village Kot Kithawar resident Sarvesh Somvanshi alias Vicky Singh son Kunwar Bahadur Singh alias Munna Singh, a relative of Cabinet Minister Moti Singh, was returning home after seeing mother Kalkin Devi in ‚Äč‚ÄčNovember. Three bike riders started firing on them on the Kithawar-Kalikan Dham route. Sarvesh also got shot.

Antu police arrested two thugs for attacking cabinet minister’s relative

Police filed a case against unknown in this case and started investigating. Investigation revealed that Pawan Kumar Saroj son Devtadin of Devigarh, Sangipur, Ajay Pasi son Babulal resident Tekania Sangipur, fired on Sarvesh. After the name came to light, SP announced the reward of 25-25 thousand over Ajay and Pawan. On Tuesday, both the STF and Antu police team arrested. The material and cartridges used in the incident were recovered from them.

After questioning them, the police got an important clue about Preeti’s murder. SP Abhishek Singh said that during interrogation Ajay Pasi said that he was in love with Preeti Verma. He was upset after Preeti’s disappearance. Preeti’s father and uncle had gone to Antu police station to register Gumushudgi. He also went to Sarvesh with him. At this he felt that Sarvesh had made Preeti disappear. Upon which he devised a plan to kill Sarvesh. The police sent both of them to jail.

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