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Jim Carrey badly trolled on twitter for his sexist remark

Jim Carrey’s reply to a reporter’s question about his “bucket list” was called out by a section of the Internet

Hollywood actor Jim Carrey should have known better than calling a reporter the ‘last thing’ on his ‘bucket list.’ The 58-year-old actor, who was busy with the promotional duties of the film, Sonic The Hedgehog, was recently being interviewed by a reporter from Heat. The reporter asked The Mask actor, “Sonic has a bucket list, I was wondering, after all you’ve done in your career and in your life, is there anything still left on your bucket list?” The actor replied, “Just you,” and added, “That’s it, it’s all done now.” Needless to say, Jim Carrey’s remark didn’t go well with a section of the Internet, who called out the actor for his inappropriate reply and labelled the actor as a “sleazebag.” Several Twitter users shared a similar school of

This is not the first time that the actor featured in headlines for his sexist comments. Jim recently appeared with Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood actress Margot Robbie on the Graham Norton Show, where he jokingly told the actress: “It’s incredible you got as far as you have with your obvious physical disadvantages. That’s pure talent there – just a talent override.”

Jim Carrey famously starred in films like The MaskDumb And Dumber and Bruce Almighty. He also featured in films such as Liar LiarEternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, The Truman Show,Man On The Moon and Kick-Ass 2 among many others.

The actor was last seen in the 2016 film The Dark Crimes and in the Netflix documentary Jim And Andy.

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