Sex problems Faqs : I am 48 years old and until two months ago, I used to have sex at least three to four…

Question : I am 48 years old and until two months ago, I used to have sex at least three to four times a week. But in the last two months, the frequency has suddenly reduced to once in 10 days. Please suggest tests that I can undergo to investigate the issue. I have tried Condifo (Himalaya) tablet, but there has been no improvement.

Answer : Such a condition could possibly happen when you have entered andropause. The testosterone levels start declining. Please consult your physician who will be able to recommend the necessary tests.

Question : My son turned 17 in November. Recently, I asked him if he gets erections or ejaculates while sleeping, and his reply was a ‘no’. But he said that about three or four years ago, that did happen. I asked him if he felt we should consult a doctor as I believe that at this age he should get erections/sperm leak from time to time, but he said there’s no need. Can you please advise me about whether this is normal? Do you think we should consult a specialist?

Answer : At this age it is preferable that your son is aware of the changes taking place in his body. You could help by having an open discussion with him or if that is awkward, provide him with good books or reading material to create awareness. Your son is still young and you should not worry about sperm leak as passing of semen will happen as a natural process. If you feel there is a problem, you may ask your son to speak to a counsellor.

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