Palmistry : Do you have a mole on this spot of your palm?

Palmistry is a major segment of astrology as the lines on the palm can reveal a person’s character as well as give indications about his or her future. On some people’s palm, a number of moles would be present along with the lines. These moles too can provide an insight into the personality of a person.

There are moles which are black in colour as well as light brown. The position and number of the moles would be different for each person. Moles may not be visible on the palm of a newborn baby but they usually appear when the child grows. According to astrology, the lines on your palm change shape regularly. For instance, the lifeline and line of health could grow in size from childhood to achieve their full size by the time adulthood is reached.

Moles are seen in various parts of the body but those on the palm can describe the person’s past, future, financial prospects, hurdles to be faced in life and other aspects. As per palmistry, it is the right palm of a man that is checked and the left palm of a woman.

Impact of moles

Moles on the Girdle of Venus are not considered beneficial. People having moles in this area are believed to deviate from lawful activities and may even engage in immoral behaviour.

In case the mole is present on the mount of Moon, this person is likely to meet with accidents involving water. As a result, such people have to keep away from water bodies such as wells, lakes, rivers and the sea. In addition, they have to take precautions while going near water. A mole clearly visible over the mount of Moon indicates a late marriage.

A mole on the mount of Jupiter suggests that marital life would not be smooth. In addition, several challenges would have to be faced in life. Such persons can succeed in life only by working very hard.

A late marriage may be awaiting persons with mole on the mount of Saturn. Their wedded life also may not be fulfilling. There is a of marital discord too.

On the other hand, people having mole on the mount of Sun may be deceived by others who engage in unlawful activities. As a result, their reputation can suffer. They could also be at the receiving end of improper and insulting behaviour by others.

Meanwhile, a mole on the right side of the little finger and in the middle of the mount of Mercury suggests unexpected losses. These setbacks could lead to physical as well as psychological damage. This may mean material or emotional ruin.

Mole anywhere near the lifeline is considered inauspicious. Such people are likely to suffer from diseases throughout their lives and would always be seeking treatment.

A mole near the head line or above or at its end suggests head-related ailments like migraine. Similarly, moles on the heart line or near it are not beneficial. These moles, in fact, indicate the chances of suffering from life-threatening diseases.

The presence of mole on the fate line could mean that the person may face several challenging situations in life. These people have to prepare themselves to tackle adversities whenever they take up an activity. Moreover, they may have to give extra effort to complete even easy tasks.

Moles on the marriage line are considered harmful to wedded life. Such persons may witness a sudden collapse of marriage; divorce too could take place.

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