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Propose Day 2019: Date, importance and why you need to celebrate

You might have given a rose as a secret admirer, but Propose Day is the right day to confess your love irrespective of what will be the answer.

Valentine’s Day is preceded by bundles of occasions that bring in love, romance, and various opportunities to confess your love or to tell someone how much you love them.

Propose Day is the second day in the week of romance and falls on February 8 every year. You might have given a rose as a secret admirer, but this day is the right one to confess your love irrespective of what will be the answer. This day has its own importance and brings in very special moments and memories for couples.

To make it more memorable, here are a few ideas to make it a dream proposal:

1. Flash Mob Proposal:

This is one of the best kind of proposals one can ever have. All you need to do is, decide a location, a song, and who all can be a part of this proposal. You can involve both of your parents, friends, siblings, or anyone who is close to you or to her/him. You can prepare a dance on the same and you are ready to go. To capture it well, ensure to have a good photographer who can steal the show by capturing the best moments.

2. Beach Proposal:

If you are at a beach, or have one close to your place, this is a beautiful way to propose your valentine. All you need to do is find the right time of the day, preferably evening, when the sky is orange, and write your proposal on the sand. Bring in your valentine, blindfolded and you are all set.

3. Candlelight proposal:

Dinner dates are always a romantic and evergreen way to propose and confess your love. All you need to do is to pick the best candlelight restaurant and take her/him there. The dim lights will make it more romantic. If you can, add your song to be played in the background.

4. The place where you first met:

Nothing is better than going down the memory lane and cherish how it all really started. Take your valentine to the place where you first met them and opt out for a unique way to propose at the location.

5. Photo Booth proposal:

If by any chance you find a photo booth, it is one heck of a place for proposal and will automatically capture the surprised look on the face of your lover.

Propose Day 2020: date, ideas importance, why to celebrate

If you are unable to make it to of these places, you can simply manage to make it a dream proposal at your preferred place and tell your love how much you love them because to confess, you need words and not locations.

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