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Indian Army Major develops world’s first bulletproof helmet against AK-47 bullet

New Delhi: A Major of the Indian Army has made a helmet that can stop the AK-47 (AK-47) bullet. It is being claimed that from this distance of 10 meters on this bulletproof helmet can stop the fire AK-47 bullet. Army officials said that the ballistic helmet has been developed by Major Anoop Mishra under Project Abhed. Major Anoop Mishra has also developed the first flower body protection bulletproof jacket.

Anoop Mishra is part of the Indian Army’s College of Military Engineering and was involved in the development of bulletproof jackets.

Actually, after Anoop’s bullets were fired on his old bulletproof jacket, he thought of making such a bulletproof jacket, which could protect against bullets and he prepared it. In addition, the Indian Army’s College of Military Engineering, in association with a private firm, has developed India’s first and world’s cheapest gunshot locator.

It can detect the exact location of the bullet from a distance of 400 meters, this will enable the terrorists to be detected faster and will help neutralize their bullet.

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