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Former Pakistan batsmen given 17-month jail sentence for spot fixing

LONDON : Former Pakistan batsman Nasir Jamshed has been sentenced to 17 months in jail by the Crown Court of Manchester in a spot-fixing case. The 33-year-old batsman was convicted by the court in December last year. Apart from Jamshed, Yusuf Anwar and Mohammad Ijaz have also been sentenced to 40 and thirty months by the court. Both of them have also confessed to giving money to the players for poor performance in Pakistan Super League. Both of them are UK citizens. Jamshed has been banned by PCB for 10 years in 2018.

Police officer revealed betting fixing racket

Britain’s National Crime Agency arrested Jamshed, Yusuf Anwar and Mohammad Ijaz last year during an investigation into spot-fixing. Initially, all three denied fixing in the Pakistan Super League. But during a court hearing in December last year, he had confessed to be involved. Let me tell you that last year, an undercover police officer approached these three to fix the match as a bookie. Investigation revealed to the police that Jamshed unsuccessfully attempted spot-fixing twice in the 2016 Bangladesh Premier League. Then he played for Rangpur Riders with Sharjeel Khan. For the first time, Jamshed could not give the necessary information to fix the spot, while the second time he was not kept in the playing-11 in the match against Barisal Bulls.

Sharjeel involved in fixing was banned by PCB for 5 years

After this, Jamshed made spot-fixing in Dubai in 2018 match between Pakistan Super League’s Peshawar Jalmi and Islamabad United. For this, he persuaded Peshawar Jalmi player Sharjeel Khan to play two dot balls in the second over of the Islamabad team. The PCB then banned Sharjeel and fellow player Khalid Latif for five years.

Took $ 39,450 to fix each spot

Investigations by Britain’s National Crime Agency revealed that Anwar and Ijaz had devised a fixing system in which they charged $ 39,450 to fix each spot. Half of it was given to the player involved in fixing.

Jamshed’s wife said – He lost everything by adopting shortcut

After this decision, Jamshed’s wife Samara Afzal issued a statement saying that with this decision the players will learn what is the result if they follow the wrong path. Nasir’s future could have been better. If he worked hard and remained devoted to the game, which gave him money, fame and everything. But he adopted a shortcut and lost his career, respect, freedom. He could get UK citizenship and could play county cricket. But he missed this opportunity.

Jamshed played 48 ODIs and 2 Tests for Pakistan

Jamshed’s wife further said, they (Jamshed) will do anything to change their time. Especially for his daughter, who is very close to him. But it is too late now. I expect other players to see this as a strong action against corruption. So that they never walk this path. Jamshed has played two Tests, 48 ‚Äč‚ÄčODIs and 18 T20s for Pakistan.

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