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He was talking about Shaheen Bagh: Mumbai cab driver who took anti-CAA protester to police

He was talking a lot about Shaheen Bagh. Everyone knows that what is happening at Shaheen Bagh. Cannot let such chaos in my city,” the Mumbai cab driver who took an anti-CAA protester to the police station instead of his destination on Friday told India Today.

Earlier in the day, activist Bappaditya Sarkar alleged that his Uber cab driver — identified as Rohit Gour — took him to a police station where he was grilled by the cops for three hours. He also alleged that the police had asked him several irrelevant questions.

cab driver Rohit Gour claimed Sarkar actually spoke about disturbing the country’s peace and therefore he took him to the police station.

We also spoke to Mumbai police officials who said that Sarkar was questioned based on the complaint of the driver but no ‘wrong questions were asked to him, after basic inquiry he was let off’.

The cab driver, who is 35 and a resident of Andheri told India Today that he has been in Mumbai for 14 years, “I know the value of the city which has given me bread and butter. I cannot let the peace of the city be put at stake.”

Rohit picked up Sarkar from Silver beach area in Juhu. He was supposed to drop him at Kurla. Rohit said, “As he sat in my cab, he was talking to someone over the phone. He kept discussing the protest and doing something big for which he had also traveled to Nagpur, Jaipur, etc. He was saying that how female audience here in Mumbai are giving good response and something big can be done here also.”

Rohit said, “During his phone conversation, he said one line after which I panicked. He said – ‘iss country mein aag lagne wali hai’. I got afraid that he was planning to do something big in Mumbai. Therefore, I took my cab near Santacruz police station. I told him that I am going to the ATM for cash. I went inside the police station and informed the cops.”

The cab driver, however, dismissed Sarkar’s allegations that he did this to become famous or that he had commented on Sarkar’s attire.

“He is making false allegations against me that I want to become famous. I never spoke about his attire. I did not comment on it at all. I was not rude at all. When I came out with the cops, I told him that he can’t do anything wrong in my city, sitting in my car. I cannot let something happen to my city for extra money,” Rohit said.

The officials at Santacruz police station said, “Based on the suspicion of the cab driver, we just did the routine inquiry. When they arrived, the officers were busy in other cases. Once they had time, the statements of driver and Sarkar were taken, their basic details were taken and both were let off. The allegation that we asked him wrong questions are completely false.”

DCP Pranay Ashok of Mumbai police said, “Sarkar had taken the cab. The cab driver, after hearing his conversation, took him to the police station. The cab driver alleged that he was suspicious. The police did routine inquiry and he was let off.”

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