Palmistry : This kind of heart line brings lust in love relationship

Lust dominating love

The heart line in any palm is the line that describes the feelings associated with the heart. Also, the heart line in a man’s hand also indicates the birth of a child. Normally in any palm, the heart line starts from index finger or middle finger and goes to the bottom of Mount Mercury.

  • If the heart line starts from one end to the other, then it is the nature of living in the present. They stay away from the dream world. You can also be emotional and jealous by nature.
  • If the heart line starts between the index finger and middle finger, then such a person is of a true and calm nature.
  • The heart line in the hand of a man also tells about the presence or absence of a child. If the heart line is chain at the end, then this symptom is of childbirth. If this line is not a chain then there is no child or it is very late. If both palms have such a line, it is more effective.
  • If the heart line starts from the area of ​​Saturn and reaches the Sun Mountains, then there is love in love. When such a yoga is done, it can be completely selfish behavior of the person.
  • The redness of the heart line and getting darker can speed up the nature. You can also become a victim of some bad habit.
  • If there are two heart lines, but there is no defect in them, then the intellect is sattvic.
  • The rupture of the heart line may cause scattering in love relationships.
  • If both the heart line and brain line start from one end to the other end of the palm, then there can be no caring nature.

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