Palmistry : Such a man praises good works

Such a man praises good works

In astrology, traces made in Mars also affect life. One of these is Trishul. According to Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, the trident on Mars means that a person will get a lot of money after very long and hard work. Similarly, if there is a trident on the upper mountain of Mars, then the person is a successful athlete or police officer.

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The trident on the lunar mountain makes a person imaginative and creative. Such persons are romantic in nature. The trident at the end of the heart line is a sign of fate. Especially when it is under the Mount of Jupiter. Such people are more physically, mentally and emotionally stronger than others. This mark can be seen in the hands of people with money.

There are some lines and marks in the person’s palm. These lines and marks on the palm tell a lot about the person. It also indicates its future. One such sign is trident. This mark is not on everyone’s palms, but those who get this target on their palm are very lucky. Know the effect of the trident on which line.

If there is a trident sign on Mount Venus, it means that the person gets true love in life. Such a person understands the feelings of others and also praises good works.

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