Palmistry : sudden money and respect indication in hand

The nature of the lines in the hands and the type of palm indicate a lot about life. According to Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma, there are many such yogas of handlines which affect life. But it is worth noting that the palm texture should also be taken into consideration.

People whose palm is slightly full and wide, fingers are soft, then there is no shortage of respect and money.

Whose palm has more than one fate line. Together Saturn is the best planet and life line is curved, such people are rich.
People who are divided into two lines, the lifeline in the hands and the brain line, suddenly get a chance to earn money and also become rich.

In whose palm Saturn mountain is raised. Life line should be in the right way round. Such people become money-makers with little effort.

Starting from the Bhagyarekha tropic zone and going to the Shani mountain without breaking, then such a person gets great success in business.
The three lines of life, brain and destiny appeared at the same length. Apart from this, if there is no mark on them, then such people are rich.

People whose end line with the life line in the palm goes on. Such people get considerable wealth from ancestral property.

Have straight and thin fingers and the heart line ends by going directly under Mount Jupiter. Such people get lot of wealth and respect.

Whose palm has more than one fate line and the hand is heavy. Such people suddenly get respect and considerable wealth.

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