BREXIT DAY: Britain exits EU after 47 years, know what will be the effect on India?

Britain broke away from the European Union after 47 years. Now it can set its policies apart from the EU, this will strengthen trade relations with India.

  • Britain calls Brexit a historic step.
  • Said- Britain will now be able to move beyond its capacity.

The British government finally announced its break-up from the European Union on 31 January. Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed the Brexit and stated that Britain is now officially separated from the European Union.

He said, ‘Tonight we separated from the European Union (EU) and this is a historic opportunity for Britain. Let us together take full advantage of all the opportunities arising from Brexit, this will highlight the potential of the whole of Britain. ‘

With this, Britain left the 47-year-old association with the EU and membership was formally terminated. Please tell that the people of Britain had given a mandate to separate from the EU three and a half years ago. Then British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised that ‘Brexit will remain’.

However, three heads of European Union (EU) welcomed Britain’s separation and termed it as the new dawn for Europe. He also warned Britain that it would not be able to take advantage of membership after Brexit.

After Brexit, the EU made it clear that they will not compromise by bowing to Britain. He said that Britain would not be fully accessible to the European Union market unless it accepted European workers, tax and environmental regulations.

EU chief warns Britain

Britain may have described the move as beneficial for itself, but the European Union (EU) has warned Britain about it. Three top EU officials warned Britain on Friday that it would lose its chances of better profit after breaking away from the European Union.

According to the news agency PTI, the chairperson of the European Union Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said, “We want as much better relations with Britain as possible and will make new relations with Britain successful according to our power.” But they can never be as good as a member. Our experience has taught us that strength is not in isolation but in our unique unity. ‘

Why won’t you feel immediate change?

The EU said the immediate change of Brexit will not be felt as the EU-UK agreement approved this week has set an 11-month transition period. According to this, by 31 December, the people of Britain will be able to work in EU member countries and can do business etc. Also, citizens of EU member countries will also be able to work and do business in the UK by 31 December. The change will be that Britain will no longer be represented in EU institutions.

India-UK relations will be strengthened

Britain has officially exited the European Union (EU). This will strengthen the relations between India and Britain. Now the status quo will remain on the trade and business operations front between Britain and the European Union, but Britain will get complete freedom for new agreements and partnerships worldwide.

Lord Karan Bilimoria, founder of Cobra Beer and vice-president of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), said India would be an important trading partner for Britain and that Britain would be able to choose a new future once it was out of the European Union.

This will be a golden opportunity for UK companies in India. GP Hinduja, co-chairman of Hinduja Group, said that this is an exciting time for UK and India relations. Both countries have vast potential for free trade agreements.

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