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Scheme: Government will bear your travel expenses, registration will have to be done in ‘Dekho Apna Desh’ scheme

  • Under the scheme you have to travel 15 tourist spots in 1 year.
  • Must upload photos of tourist spots on the official website.

The central government has started a scheme to promote tourism, in which the government will bear the full cost of your visit. Any citizen of India can avail this scheme named ‘Dekho Apna Desh’. Under this program, by the year 2022, you will have to travel to 15 tourist places in other states except your home state and send photos to the government.

Get a chance to travel, like this ..

Under this scheme, travelers will have to visit 15 tourist places in a year. That is, you can start your journey anytime, but have to finish it within a year. After visiting any 15 tourist places in a year, click the photo there. Your photo and spending details will have to be uploaded on the official website. Keep in mind that all these tourist places should be outside your home state. The photo is to click based on the Incredible India theme.

How to register

To be a part of this scheme, you have to go to and fill the affidavit. Information like name, address and email ID will have to be filled in it. Within 1 year of filling these affidavits, you will have to visit the tourist places.

To register please visit :

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