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Record: Messi wins 500 matches for Barcelona, ​​the first player to achieve this feat in the history of Spanish football

  • Messi scored 2 goals against Leganes, team in the quarterfinal of the Copa del Rey tournament.
  • Barcelona won 5–0, in addition to Messi Griezmann, Lenglet and Arturo also scored.
  • Javi Hernandez wins 476 matches for Barcelona after Lionel Messi.

Barcelona defeated Leganes 5–0 on Thursday in the Spanish Football League Copa del Rey. The team reached the quarterfinals. With this, Lionel Messi won 500 matches for Barcelona. He became the first player to achieve this feat in the history of Spanish football. Before Messi, former Barcelona player Javi Hernández won 476 matches and Andres Iniesta won 459 matches.

The first goal in the match was by Antoine Griezmann in the fourth minute and the second goal by Clement Lenglet in the 27th minute. Messi scored two goals in the 59th and 89th minutes. While one goal was scored by Arturo Melo in the 77th minute.

Messi won 71% of the matches for Barcelona

Messi has played 710 matches for Barcelona so far. He have 500 (71%) wins, 131 (18%) draws and 79 (11%) losers. He has scored 621 goals for the team. He is the second player to score the most goals for a club after Pelé (643 goals).

Messi won his first win on 16 October 2004, playing for Barcelona. The team then defeated the Spanish football club Ispanyol. So far they have registered 500 wins against 86 different clubs. Among these, Barcelona won 29 matches against Sevilla the most times.

Barcelona is second in ‘La Liga’

Barcelona are in second place in the Spanish league ‘La Liga’ points table with 43 points. He has won 13 out of 21 matches so far. There were 4 losers and only one draw. At the same time, Leganes is at number 19. He has won only 3 out of 21 matches so far. They lost 12 matches, while 6 were drawn.

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