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Report / Bengaluru has worst traffic in the world, waste 10 days a year; In that time 139 matches of football would have happened

new Delhi. Bangalore is India’s worst city in terms of traffic. In 2019, people spent around 243 hours in jam during their journey here. They take 71% more time to complete their journey of 30 minutes. Not only this, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi are also among the top countries in the world with poor traffic. This was revealed in the annual traffic index of the Netherlands navigation company Tom Tom.

Mumbai is at number four in the list, Pune at number 5 and Delhi at number 8. Manila (Philippines), Bogota (Colombia), Moscow (Russia), Lima (Peru), Istanbul (Turkey) and Jakarta (Indonesia) also figure in the top-10. According to the report, people are spending an average of 193 hours of their life i.e. around 7 days and 22 hours of jam every year. Delhi has the highest number of cars in the top 10 Indian cities, but lags behind all three cities in terms of jams.

Such wasting hours

Mumbai: People in Mumbai spend 209 hours on an average, around 9 days in traffic during peak hours. The highest 101% crowd was on September 9, while the lowest 19% crowd was on March 21, 2019.
Pune: People spend 193 hours a year, 8 days 1 hour in traffic in peak hours. The highest 93% jams were recorded on 2 August 2019, while the lowest 30% jams were recorded on 27 October.

Also watch 215 episodes of Game of Thrones in a wasted time
The report makes an interesting comparison to the time wasted in traffic jams. According to this, Bengaluru would have watched 215 episodes of Game of Thrones in the jammed time. There would also have been 139 football matches.

Top 10 cities with poor traffic

  • City congestion
  • Bengaluru, India 71%
  • Manila, Philippines 71%
  • Bogota, Colombia 68%
  • Mumbai, India 65%
  • Pune, India 59%
  • Moscow, Russia 59%
  • Lima, Peru 57%
  • Delhi, India 56%
  • Istanbul, Turkey 55%
  • Jakarta, Indonesia 53%

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