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Scheme: A city in Italy, where houses are being sold for just 78 rupees; 25 thousand houses will be sold

  1. Taranto, known as Little Italy, has become the first city to buy a house cheaply.
  2. Purpose – to increase the population by making such offers, because less population is becoming a problem in many villages of Italy.
  3. The government and administration are trying to stop the migration by giving many breathtaking schemes at home and in jobs.

SICILY: The historic center of Southern Italy and has become the first city in Toronto, known as Little Italy, to buy a house for 78 rupees (one euro). Officials are initially talking about offering to sell 5 such houses. Purpose – to increase the population by giving such breathtaking offers.

In the 19th century, this port city of Italy had a population of 40 thousand, which reached a decreasing 3000 over time. To increase the population of the old historic city, the council officials have offered to give cheap houses. The number of such houses has been fixed at 25 thousand, but 5 houses are proposed to be sold immediately.

The plan was first introduced in 2011
  • The idea of ​​selling the house for 78 rupees (one euro) was first implemented in 2011 in the Ganges town of Palermo, the capital of Sicily. More than 150 such buildings were sold here. These were bought by new people and the town was inhabited again.
  • In 2019, similar offers were made in Bevona, Sambuca and Musomeli villages of Sicily. Locena, in the northwest of Italy, was also one of the towns where settlers were required to pay three lakh rupees (9,000 euros) a year for new settlers.

Government gave 705 crores rupees

Council official Francesca Viggiano told local media, “People from New York, Milan and Rome cities have asked for information on the news of the house being sold for 78 rupees.” To revive the city, the Italian government recently gave Tarantoco 705 crores (900 million euros). Under this, we have been thinking about resettling and developing the old city. In 1975, a family died after being crushed by an old building in the city. Apart from this, the pollution of the Elba Steel Plant also lost the charm of the city. Officials plan to make the plant environmentally friendly by 2024.

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