Results: IndiGo’s profit rose 168% to Rs 496 crore in December quarter, 25% increase in revenue

  • Indigo had a profit of Rs 185.2 crore in the December quarter of 2018.
  • Indigo’s fleet comprises 257 aircraft, adding 12 aircraft in December quarter.

NEW DELHI: InterGlobe Aviation (IndiGo) profit increased by 167.9% to Rs 496 crore in the October-December quarter. In the December quarter of 2018, there was a profit of Rs 185.2 crore. Income increased by 25.5% to Rs 10,330.2 crore. 8,229.3 crore in the December quarter of 2018. The company announced its quarterly results on Monday.

The yield on revenue per km flight of IndiGo increased by 1.2% to Rs 3.88. By the end of December, Indigo’s fleet consisted of 257 aircraft. The airline added 12 aircraft in the December quarter. IndiGo operates flights to a total of 84 cities, including 23 foreign flights.

Flight cancellation rate of just 1.13 percent

IndiGo said that its on time performance in four major cities was 72.1%. This is the highest among other airlines. IndiGo’s flight cancellation rate is just 1.13%. I am encouraged by the way we are growing our network, says Ronjoy Dutta, CEO of the airline. We are connecting cities big and small to give more choice to customers.

Ronjoy Dutta joins Board of Directors

Along with the CEO, he will also be a full-time director. His appointment to this post will be from 27 January 2020 to 23 January 2024. Dutta became the CEO of IndiGo on 24 January last year.

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