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Turkey / Mother-daughter found alive in debris 28 hours after Earthquake, Rescue team reached after hearing voice

Ankara. The death toll has risen to 31 after two bodies were found in an earthquake in eastern Turkey on Sunday. Around 1556 people were injured in the 8 pm earthquake on Friday evening. Rescue work is still going on. Earlier Saturday night, the rescue team evacuated a 35-year-old mother and two-year-old daughter from a building. Both were buried under debris for over 28 hours. Both have suffered injuries.

The Rexue team reported that the sound of rescuing came from the building while searching for people. First the daughter and then the mother were taken out. Rescuers removed the wreckage to Ice Yildiz and his two-year-old daughter Yusra. Both were sent to the hospital after being ejected safely. Here, the administration has made arrangements for 9500 temporary tents and food for 17000 people for the victims. Turkish Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu has expressed fears of an increase in the death toll. Extreme cold relief is making it difficult to work. On Sunday, the temperature was -5 degrees Celsius.

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