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In 33 crore people 6 out of every 10 people in America suffer from loneliness, including social media users and youth

Washington. America has a population of about 33 crore, yet 61% of the people there, ie 6 out of every 10 people are struggling with loneliness. The disappointing thing is that it is continuously increasing and the number of such people has increased by 13% in the last one year alone. The second shocking thing is that the highest number of such people are those who are more active on social media, who are less than 30 years of age and also include those who have been employed for just 6 months. .

This was revealed in the latest report by American insurance agency Cigna. Cigna has started releasing this report from 2018. This is the second report. According to the report, loneliness is becoming an epidemic in America.

18-22 year olds are more lonely

 It is generally believed that loneliness is more painful to the elderly, but the survey results are quite contrary and worrying. Accordingly, 50% of the youth aged 18 to 22 said that they feel lonely. They are also more in number, which are more active on social media. At the same time, 58% of women and 64% of men said that they feel lonely despite all the facilities.

If these are symptoms, then you may be a victim of loneliness

  • Can’t reach people.
  • Difficulty connecting with people deeply.
  • Many acquaintances, but no close friends.
  • It seems that people do not understand you.
  • Despite being present among dozens of people, she prefers to be alone.
  • We have negative feelings about myself.
  • Feeling tired or boredom when trying to engage in social activities.
  • Not enough social support 61%
  • 54% do not make up with colleagues
  • We are misunderstood 54%
  • No 51% balance in work and life
  • Lack of reliable partner 49%
  • Quality of work decreased by 12%
  • Loneliness due to lack of social life and meaningful communication

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