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UK: Prime Minister Johnson signs agreement to exit European Union, Brexit set for 31 January

  1. A referendum was held in March 2016 to separate the United Kingdom from the European Union, in which Brexit was stamped.
  2. The date of Brexit has been extended twice so far, the date of UK exit from the European Union was fixed on 31 March 2019.
  3. After this, former Prime Minister Theresa May made the deal date October 31, later Johnson extended it to 31 January.

LONDON: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has signed an agreement to exit the European Union (EU). During the signing of the deal, Johnson said it was a great moment for the country. The result of the 2016 referendum is finally going to come into force. It is expected that this will reduce the years of debate and separation between the two (UK and EU). It is believed that the UK’s preparations to exit the EU are complete. Following the agreement, the Johnson government can complete the Brexit deal by 31 January.

A day earlier, leaders of the European Union also signed documents to exclude the UK. Now on 29 January, the British Parliament will discuss and vote on agreements to exit Europe. Voting will be held in Europe’s parliament on the same day, although it will be only symbolic. Most European leaders have agreed to the decision to pull the UK out of the EU.

What next in Brexit?

After January 31, a 11-month transition period has been kept. Britain will no longer be a member of the European Union, but will follow its rules and contribute to the budget. The transition period has been kept so that Britain and the EU can discuss future relations, including trade agreements. The transition period will begin on February 1.

Great loss to UK

Brexit is likely to cause a loss of 18.9 lakh crore to the British economy from 2016 to 2020. Currently, it is worth Rs 12 lakh crore. is. According to Bloomberg, global growth has been weak in recent years, but Britain has lagged behind. Its annual growth rate has come down from 2% to 1%.

European Union sends Brexit documents to Britain by train

After the signing of the agreement in Brussels, Belgium, the documents of Brexit were sent by train from the European Union. The train arrived in London on Friday, from where documents of the deal were transported to Johnson. On this occasion, the former Prime Minister of Belgium and the chairman of the EU Summit, Charles Michel, said that being outside the UK will change our relationship, but our friendship will remain.

3 years ago the UK decided to secede from the EU

The UK decided in June 2016 to secede from the European Union. In the historic referendum, the British people decided to secede from the European Union of 28 countries. The EU then gave the UK time to secede until 31 March 2018. However, the British MPs then rejected the government’s terms of exit from Europe. The EU then extended the date of Breguit to 31 October.However, the Parliament this time also rejected the government’s terms and the date of Brexit was changed to 31 January.

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